Storm Restoration

When the power of mother nature wreaks havoc on commercial real estate, our mission is to take a potentially painful process and create a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

We have a proven track record of taking unknown or insufficiently funded insurance perils and providing maximum value to clients by ensuring the full scope of restoration is achieved. We do this by leveraging the same cutting-edge technology used by the top Insurance Carriers in the nation. This allows our expert team to bridge the communication gap between Client and Carrier.

Our custom reporting and relationships in the Property and Casualty Insurance Sector allow us to expedite the claims process and create winning relationships between all parties involved. The level of detail used during the claims process seamlessly integrates to our production systems. Systematic and comprehensive project planning allows our professional work teams to perform at an unmatched level. This level of professionalism backed by the largest building product manufacturers in the nation results in superior solutions for our nationwide clients.

ACR’s Storm Damage Restoration Toolbox

  • Custom Inspection Tool – Images, Storm Date, and more organized for Xactimate Integration
  • Scope of Work Mobile App – Seamless Integration from app to Eagleview, Xactimate and ACR’s CRM
  • Xactimate Proficiencies – Itemized Estimate with matched File Grouping to Insurance Adjuster Standard Formatting
  • Client Connect MSP – Online Multi-Stakeholder Portal for interactive reporting, communication and document sharing

New Construction

The fast-pace and detail-driven world of new commercial construction requires a unique type of roofing sub-contractor. One that combines old school craftsmanship with progressive technology and production efficiency systems.

ACR Commercial Roofing provides value to General Contractors and Developers by acting as a true partner in the total construction process. Our Core Values of Professionalism and Game Changing keep us from being anything but a “run of the mil” sub. We understand the opportunities and challenges faced by General Contractors as you rely on a large part of project completion to be executed on by third party partners. To cultivate game changing synergy between ACR and our partners, we’ve committed to being aware, becoming educated and to actively implement the solutions that matter most to you.

ACR’s New Construction Toolbox

  • Industry Technology Adoption – Fluency in software and IT systems from Bid Invitation to Payment Applications such as ConstructConnect, Building Connected, Bluebeam, Planswift, Procore and more.
  • Skilled Labor – Education based wage programs coupled with our core value of Accountability to be the best in the industry fills the void of unskilled labor trends in the United States.
  • Efficient, Accurate and Detailed Estimating – Finely tuned Bid Invite review to bid submission systems help ensure total estimating coverage to our core building partners
  • Culture of Safety – Our core value of OneTribe Culture gives life to our “OneTribe 100% Safe” Initiative. The On-Site OSHA 30 Personnel requirement ensures seamless execution of your safety program.

Roof Preservation & Maintenance

The quality and level of maintenance given to commercial real estate assets has a large impact on the bottom-line operating profitability and providing a long-term Return on Investment. Just as a high-quality maintenance program can increase profitability, deferred building maintenance decreases or eliminates profitability.

A commercial building’s roofing system often accounts for more than 50% of the of the building’s exposed envelope, and while a commercial roofing system accounts for only 10% of new construction costs, they can account for 90% of building repair expenses. For Commercial Real Estate Investors, Owners, REITs and PMs whose goal is to buy, own and maintain commercial property assets that provide positive cash flow and strong ROI, a comprehensive Roof Asset Preservation Program is required.

ACR’s Maintenance & Preservation Toolbox

Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs – Each CRMP is focused on proactive attention, driven by pre-planned preventative maintenance. In its simplest form, a CRMP is regular visual inspections and cleanings performed by a licensed specialist to protect commercial roofing systems from damage resulting in neglect. While each CRMP provided by ACR is custom tailored and unique to each commercial roof we manage, a basic breakdown of our services are included below.

TIER III: Bi-Annual Assessment including:

  • 5-Point Visual inspection
  • Premium Photo Report
  • Customer Connect Access: Asset Analyses

TIER II: Bi-Annual Assessment including:

  • 5-Point Visual inspection
  • Premium Photo Report
  • Customer Connect Access: Asset Analyses
  • 24/7/365 Weather Monitoring & Alerts
  • Cleaning of Drains, Gutters & Debris Removal
  • Inspection of all Seams/Flashings/Penetrations & Through Attic Ventilation
  • 5 Hours of Maintenance Completed
  • 24-Hour Disaster Response Plan

TIER III: Quarterly Assessment including:

  • 5-Point Visual inspection
  • Premium Photo Report
  • Client Connect, Multi Stakeholder Portal Access
  • 24/7/365 Weather Monitoring & Alert
  • Cleaning of Drains, Gutters & Debris Removal
  • Inspection of all Seams/Flashings/Penetrations & Through Attic Ventilation
  • All Visual Repairs completed
  • Leak Guarantee
  • 24-Hour Disaster Response Plan
  • Energy Assessment & Analysis

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program – The focus of each Commercial Roof Maintenance Program is to actively support and assist a roof system from premature aging with labor driven solutions.

For the experienced manager with multiple assets, of different   usage type spanning multiple   geographic locations, a more   data-driven approach is required.  ACR’s Roof Asset   Preservation   Program (Roof APP) utilizes time-tested   management practices and combines them into a robust suite   of solutions for planning, budgeting, and extending the   lifecycle of roof systems.

Our Roof APPs are tailored to the specific, needs, goals and growth plans of each client but always include the following:

  • On-Site Condition Assessments
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Tier III Maintenance Program
  • Cost Benefit of Repair Analysis
  • Financial Forecast & CapEx Planning Tools

For more information about the new world of Roof Asset Preservation, please request your copy of our E-Book