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If you own a commercial or industrial building, you likely know just what a big investment your commercial roof is—and how expensive it will be when you have to replace it someday. With proper maintenance and proactive repairs, your current roof can last for many years to come—but if you neglect your roof, the need for replacement will come much, much sooner…and so will that hefty roof replacement bill. Let the experts at ACR Commercial Roofing extend the life of your roof with a proper roof maintenance routine. Our customers in the Lubbock area have learned they can implicitly trust our expertise—and so can you!

Give us a call today at (806) 712-8162 to schedule a free, no-obligation roof evaluation. We can custom-tailor a maintenance plan to address the needs of your particular roof and keep it functioning well for many more years!

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Did you know that roofs are replaced prematurely as much as 70-80 percent of the time? That’s a staggering statistic, particularly when you consider the high cost of roof replacement. Don’t fall victim to premature roof replacement—protect the huge investment that is your commercial roof with regular maintenance performed by ACR Commercial Roofing.

Our skilled, highly trained technicians are adept in locating roofing problems, such as leaks, and know the proper methods of fixing them so they stay fixed for the long haul. But remember: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t wait until a small problem snowballs into a huge one. It’s much better to catch and fix small problems through a regular maintenance routine than to tackle huge problems later that can impair the structure of your entire building and may require an expensive roof tear-off and replacement to fix.

Studies show that commercial roofs will frequently last only half of their intended lifespan if they aren’t carefully and proactively maintained. Give ACR Commercial Roofing a call today at (806) 712-8162 and ask about our dedicated roof maintenance programs.

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For all of your roofing needs big and small, including maintenance, inspections and repairs, you can count on the crew of professionals at ACR Commercial Roofing. Give us a call today, (806) 712-8162, for more information about our maintenance programs and to schedule a free professional roofing assessment!