Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Roof inspection lubbock tx

Professional roof inspections are valuable in many ways. They offer much more than just identifying places of damage when a roof has trouble. In fact, an ongoing roof inspection program can greatly aid in containing roofing expenses. Routine inspections and preventative roof maintenance will help address existing issues, find areas of concern, and keep future issues at bay.

ACR Commercial Roofing, a dedicated division of Ammons Roofing, a company with a 20+ year record, is ready to assist you. Our company will provide you with the roof inspection services you require in Lubbock, TX! We have 20+ years of experience under our belt and over that time, we have helped 10,000+ residential and commercial clients with their roofing needs. Our licensed, professional roof inspectors can locate any areas of concern on your roof and head off the damage before it becomes extensive.

Give us a call at 806.794.8539 for more information. We offer ongoing roof inspection programs as well as careful, on-site evaluations if your roof has trouble.

Value of Roof Inspection

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Overall, comprehensive, ongoing roof inspections assist you in maximizing your investment. A commercial roof is an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars. To derive this full value, the roof needs to last for its entire life expectancy. Studies confirm roof neglect – or not having routine inspections & maintenance done on your roof – can make a roof last for only one-third to one-half its expected lifespan.

If you need timely, comprehensive roof inspections done, call us! We serve Lubbock, Texas as many other cities & towns in West Texas & the High Plains Region.

Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspection lubbock texas

In our inspection services, some of the problems we look for include:

  • Roof tears & peels
  • Accumulated debris
  • Condition of skylights
  • Roof cracks
  • UV damage
  • Any uplifts from strong wind activity
  • Entrapped moisture or visible leaks
  • Pooling water
  • Compromised roof flashing
  • Growing vegetation on roof

ACR Commercial Roofing is a top choice for professional roof inspection, roof repairs, and roof maintenance in Lubbock, Texas. It is our goal to provide you with effective, cost-efficient preventative roofing services so you can enjoy trouble-free protection.

Commercial Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Commercial roof inspection lubbock tx

ACR Commercial Roofing can help with roof inspection needs on all types of industrial & commercial roofing:

• Modified bitumen
• Built-up roofing
• Metal
• Concrete
• Spray foam roofing
• EPDM rubber
• And more!

If you have a roof in need in the Lubbock, TX area, reach out to us today at (806) 794 – 8539 and we will make sure you can trust in your roof once again!

Call us today at 806.794.8539 for more information. It would be our pleasure to assist you!