OneTribe® Weekly – Decentralized Command

Today we cover the 4th Law of Combat – Decentralized Command.

We discussed a scenario in which a general gives an order to his troop in Iraq. One reality where he explained why he gave the specific order and the other without this explanation. The adaptability of the troops in Scenario 1 (with the reason why) were able to come up with another strategy to achieve the command in a different way.

While in Scenario 2 (without the reason why) the troops were unable to adapt and questioned the order of command for making such an order. We want our organization to act independent of command so that everyone is able to correctly adapt when a plan goes awry. Knowing the “WHY” is just as important as knowing the “WHAT”.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our OneTribe® weekly meeting. Are there other topics you would like us to cover in future releases?

Let us know in the comments, we look forward to hearing your input.

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