Metal Roof Coating, Lubbock, TX

Do you have an old, rusty commercial metal roof in need of repair or restoration in Lubbock, TX, or any of the surrounding areas? If so, you are in luck. The professionals at ACR Commercial Roofing specialize in fluid-applied metal roof coating systems which can save you money, reduce labor costs, and extend the life of your roof by decades.

ACR Commercial Roofing’s premium metal roof restoration systems layer your existing roof with a protective elastomeric coating that improve its durability in many ways, including leak and rust resistance. Call today – (806) 712-8162 – to see what our metal roof coatings can do for you!

Benefits Of Metal Roof Coatings

ACR Commercial Roofing metal roof coatings are cost-effective solutions to metal roof restoration, especially when compared to the costs and headache of a roof tear-off and replacement. Read on for more benefits:

  • Reflectivity – Reduces heat absorption and energy expenditure (heating/cooling savings)
  • Color Options – Our elastomeric options come in a variety of colors
  • Durability – Highly resistant to fire, UV radiation, and weathering
  • Waterproof – Seamless coatings provide excellent barrier to moisture and water
  • Longevity – Extends the life of your metal roof by at least 10-15 years
  • Eco-friendly – ENERGY STAR® certified product may be eligible for tax and utility credits
  • Easy to install – Minimal disruption for building tenants and business operations

Our roof coatings are also eligible for non-prorated warranties of up to 18 years. ACR Commercial Roofing is an industry leader in the Lubbock, TX, area – call (806) 712-8162 today to see how we can bring new life back to your tired, old metal commercial roof.

Metal Roof Coating Process

Our metal roof coatings are applied in a time-tested, 6-step process:

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  1. The roof is pressure washed with Rust Off, a specially formulated cleaner designed to remove all signs of rust and ensure proper adhesion.
  2. Primer is applied to the entire roof, to help the roof coating bond properly.
  3. All seams are taped with reinforced fabric, to help guard against leaks.
  4. A base coat is applied over all taped areas.
  5. All fasteners (nails, screws) are caulked and protrusions (vents, pipes, etc.) are reinforced against rust and leaks.
  6. ACR Commercial Roofing’s roof technicians apply the final metal roof coating, creating a seamless, water-tight barrier against the elements and environment.

Call Today!

The professionals at ACR Commercial Roofing are metal roof restoration experts. Our goal is to restore your roof to give you many years longer of high-performing service. Call (806) 712-8162 today to see how we can improve and protect your metal roof immediately.