Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Roof inspection lubbock tx

Professional roof inspections are valuable in many ways. They offer much more than just identifying places of damage when a roof has trouble. In fact, an ongoing roof inspection program can greatly aid in containing roofing expenses. Routine inspections and preventative roof maintenance will help address existing issues, find areas of concern, and keep future issues at bay.

ACR Commercial Roofing, a dedicated division of Ammons Roofing, a company with a 20+ year record, is ready to assist you. Our company will provide you with the roof inspection services you require in Lubbock, TX! We have 20+ years of experience under our belt and over that time, we have helped 10,000+ residential and commercial clients with their roofing needs. Our licensed, professional roof inspectors can locate any areas of concern on your roof and head off the damage before it becomes extensive.

Give us a call at 806.794.8539 for more information. We offer ongoing roof inspection programs as well as careful, on-site evaluations if your roof has trouble.

Value of Roof Inspection

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Overall, comprehensive, ongoing roof inspections assist you in maximizing your investment. A commercial roof is an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars. To derive this full value, the roof needs to last for its entire life expectancy. Studies confirm roof neglect – or not having routine inspections & maintenance done on your roof – can make a roof last for only one-third to one-half its expected lifespan.

If you need timely, comprehensive roof inspections done, call us! We serve Lubbock, Texas as many other cities & towns in West Texas & the High Plains Region.

Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspection lubbock texas

In our inspection services, some of the problems we look for include:

  • Roof tears & peels
  • Accumulated debris
  • Condition of skylights
  • Roof cracks
  • UV damage
  • Any uplifts from strong wind activity
  • Entrapped moisture or visible leaks
  • Pooling water
  • Compromised roof flashing
  • Growing vegetation on roof

ACR Commercial Roofing is a top choice for professional roof inspection, roof repairs, and roof maintenance in Lubbock, Texas. It is our goal to provide you with effective, cost-efficient preventative roofing services so you can enjoy trouble-free protection.

Commercial Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Commercial roof inspection lubbock tx

ACR Commercial Roofing can help with roof inspection needs on all types of industrial & commercial roofing:

• Modified bitumen
• Built-up roofing
• Metal
• Concrete
• Spray foam roofing
• EPDM rubber
• And more!

If you have a roof in need in the Lubbock, TX area, reach out to us today at (806) 794 – 8539 and we will make sure you can trust in your roof once again!

Call us today at 806.794.8539 for more information. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

Roof Inspection – Canyon, TX

Preventative roof maintenance has proven to help lengthen the life of commercial roofs throughout the country. Most commercial roofing companies start each job with a thorough roof inspection, and this helps to make sure your roof can get the preventative maintenance it needs. ACR Commercial Roofing delivers complete roof inspections in Canyon, TX and the surrounding areas and our professional roofers will make sure no issues go unfound. Once your roof has been inspected, we’ll be happy to make sure you’re well informed on our fully customizable roof maintenance plans that will keep your roof in great shape all year long. With affordability that allows you to be in control, these plans are great for your roofing budget! Reach out today at (806) 669 – 7777.

Timing Matters

Having your roof inspected at the right times is important to make sure your roof can always get what it needs in order to protect your building properly. At ACR Commercial Roofing, we follow the industry recommendations and let our customers know it’s ideal to have your roof inspected at least twice each year. Typically, after winter and summer as they are usually the hardest seasons on your roof. It’s also important to have your roof inspected after any major storm or weather event to make sure your roof hasn’t been compromised.

When you have regular inspections performed on your roof, it will allow our team of professional roofers to get your roof any needed repairs or services at the best times. When problems are found and repaired early on, damage can be kept to a minimum which is best for your roof, building, and budget! This also means restorative services like roof coatings can be done to enhance your roof and extend its life! We work hard to keep your roof in the best condition possible so that you can always be certain it’s getting the job done right! With spring coming quickly, it’s not too late to call our team today to get your roof scheduled for inspection!

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On-Site Estimates

Don’t let a needed roof inspection stress you out! Call the professionals at ACR Commercial Roofing and we’ll make sure one of our technicians gets out to your building quickly. We’ve been serving the community of Canyon, TX for more than two decades and we look forward to helping you get your roof what it needs! Call today at (806) 669 – 7777.

Commercial Roofing Company Lubbock, TX

Do you need a professional commercial roofing company in Lubbock, TX? Here are a few questions of which to ask any commercial roofing companies you’re looking at:

commercial roofing company lubbock tx

• How long has the company been in business?
• How much experience does the contractor have?
• What insurance coverage does the company have?
• Do they have industrial or commercial customers nearby?
• What have these customers said about their respective service experience?
• What did their customers say about the workmanship and project timing?
• Have they been in business long enough to maintain roof warranties?
• If something went wrong, how they deal with it?
• Will they likely be in business in the future?
• Is there any past or existing legal action against them?

On-Site Estimates

These are just a few ways to evaluate a commercial roofing company’s suitability. Roofing knowledge, local reputation, and industry credentials also are solid indicators of expertise. When seeking out commercial roofing companies, it’s ideal to get at least 3-5 bids.

Lubbock Commercial Roofing Company

commercial roofing company in lubbock tx

If you need a capable commercial roofer in Lubbock, ACR Commercial Roofing can help. ACR Commercial Roofing is a dedicated division of Ammons Roofing, a contractor with a 20+ year record in Western Texas & the High Plains Region.

We offer:

• Complete solutions for industrial & commercial roofs
• 20+ years of professional roofing background
• Record of 10,000+ residential & commercial customers served
• Strong reputation for excellence on every project
• Highly-skilled commercial roof technicians & craftsmen
• Superior roofing knowledge & timely project completion

ACR Commercial Roofing is a proud member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. We perform with the skills & expertise to deliver a successful project every time. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

Professional Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roofing company in lubbock tx

Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance, restoration, or replacement, we can help. At all project stages, ACR Commercial Roofing maintains open communication lines. It’s one way we work to provide you with the best value & service.

We pledge:

• Conscientious service
• Superior roofing craftsmanship
• Minimal disruptions to operations or processes
• Tailored solutions for your unique needs
• Durable, energy-efficient roofing
• Lasting support to help maximize ROI

When you’re in need of a dependable commercial roofing company in Lubbock, TX, give ACR Commercial Roofing a call. One of our expert roofing technicians will come evaluate your roof’s condition, and then can present tailored solutions for its unique demands.

You can reach us at 806.794.8539. We look forward to the possibility of serving you!

Single-Ply Roofing Canyon, TX

ACR Commercial Roofing is a reputable commercial roofing company that helps people save a lot of time and money on their roofs. As commercial roofing experts, our roofing specialists have a lot of experience working with single-ply roofing. We are always prepared to take on new projects in Canyon, TX. Get a free roof inspection by giving us a call today at (855) 472-4932.

About Single-Ply Roofing

Single-ply roofing is a general category that many common types of commercial roofs fall into. This category of commercial roof is known for being affordable, durable, and cost-effective. Here at ACR Commercial Roofing, we repair, restore, and install all kinds of single-ply roofing systems. The three most common types are TPO, PVC, and EPDM.

Restoring Single-Ply Roofing Systems

The roofing specialists at ACR Commercial Roofing are accustomed to restoring single-ply roofing systems with roof coatings. A roof coating is significantly cheaper than paying for a roof replacement. This thin protective layer keeps the surface of a roof in tact and will prevent a roof from leaking for several additional years!

Lower Energy Consumption

With the right roofing company, you’ll be able to save big on energy costs with “green” roofing solutions. A roof coating, for example, will increase the reflectivity of a roof’s surface which helps lower a building’s energy consumption. Many kinds of single-ply roofing are excellent at improving the energy efficiency of a commercial building. The best type of single-ply roofing in terms of lowering energy costs is TPO.

Other Services

On-Site Estimates

A single-ply roofing system may require many different types of roofing services over the course of its lifespan. ACR Commercial Roofing is the only company you’ll need, from initial roof installation to the inspections and maintenance that follow. Whenever your roof needs repairing, restoring, or replacing, we’ll be by shortly after you call.

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Looking for single-ply roofing experts in Canyon, TX? ACR Commercial Roofing offers a range of cost-effective commercial roofing services. Find out more about us by giving us a call today at (855) 472-4932. We’ll be over soon after to provide a free roof inspection.

Flat Roof Repair Lubbock, TX

Do you need a contractor specializing in flat roof repair services in Lubbock, Texas? Flat roof systems are a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings throughout the area as there is an extensive list of choices and they all offer exceptional benefits.
However, like all commercial roofing systems, flat roofs have problems at some point. Some of their common issues can include:

flat roof repair lubbock tx

• Ponding water
• Cracks & blisters
• Entrapped moisture
• Sun damage
• Uplifts or blow-offs
• Premature aging
• Extensive, early-stage weathering
• Roof shrinkage
• Poor drainage
• Insecure flashings

These problems can lead to compromised roof performance – or worse, complete roof failure. If a roof takes too much damage and its weight load is too heavy, it could even break under the right conditions.

Flat Roof Repair Services

On-Site Estimates

If you need Lubbock, Texas flat roof repair services, give ACR Commercial Roofing. As a dedicated division of West Texas-based Ammons Roofing, we have 20+ years of experience. Our skilled technicians can evaluate your roof, locate any damage, and present various options for resolution.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 806.794.8539. We would be glad to offer an on-site estimate and share how we can assist you.

Flat Roof Repair Solutions

flat roof repair lubbock texas

Flat roofing systems tend to have lower maintenance & upkeep costs than other roofing systems with steeper slope. They don’t occupy as much space as low-slope or steep-slope roofing systems, either. It means flat roofs leave more room for appliances like HVAC systems. That’s also less building space volume to keep cool, resulting in lower energy use.

However, if your flat roof has problems, ACR Commercial Roofing is here to aid you. Our licensed, professional repair team will address any existing concerns. That includes damaging leaks which can compromise production schedules, business inventory, or the facility itself.

Have a Leak?

Repair solutions are available for:
• Modified bitumen
• Built-up roofing
• Concrete
• EPDM rubber
• And more!

Flat Roof Repair Contractor

Commercial flat roof repair lubbock texas

Rooted in Ammons Roofing’s 20+ year record, ACR Commercial Roofing is your dedicated specialist for flat roof repair services in Lubbock, Texas. With more than two decades of business, we are proud to have served 10,000+ commercial & residential customers. It would be our pleasure to help you with your flat roof repair needs, too!

You don’t have to settle for any stopgap solutions. ACR Commercial Roofing pledges your satisfaction and will work hard to resolve your issues quickly. Don’t hesitate. Call us today to request a free, on-site roof estimate!

You can reach us at 806.794.8539. We look forward to hearing from you!