Commercial Roof Repair Lubbock, Texas

For over 20 years now we have been building our business, strengthening relationships with our clients and expanding our roofing knowledge with every project we take on. That many years and thousands of people served cannot be wrong. Make the right choice for your commercial roof repair needs, and contact ACR Commercial Roofing. Let us keep your Lubbock, Texas commercial or industrial roof on the right track. Call us today at (806) 669-7777.

Commercial Roof Repair

Our competitive pricing and commitment to quality commercial roof repairs is what sets ACR Commercial Roofing apart from the crowd. We are driven by success and the desire to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

A few of the commercial and industrial roofing types that we regularly work on are:

  • Metal
  • Coated Roofs
  • Modified bitumen
  • Built up
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC

ACR Commercial Roofing is always ahead of the industry by providing innovative roofing solutions. We implement modern day roofing technology with proven commercial roof repair methods to ensure the highest level of success. There are several ways that we can improve your roofing system before problems start to impact the bottom line of your business:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Routine roof inspections
  • Documented repairs
  • Rapid response team
  • Quality control
  • Customized roofing solutions

Whatever roofing type you have, our crews are able to correctly address any issue it is facing. Our team is here to ensure you get the highest return out of your roofing investment. We have services in place to make it happen! For the attention and expertise we are known for, call our Lubbock, Texas office today at (806) 669-777. Together we can ensure the longest life possible for your commercial roofing asset.

Roof Evaluation

On-Site Estimates

To determine the best course of action for your commercial roof we have put together a specific all-points roof inspection check list. This allows our technician the opportunity to inspect your roof, corner to corner, searching for even the most minor signs of damage. As we all know, even the tiniest leak can eventually challenge your entire roofing system. Together, we can make sure that doesn’t have.

For quality commercial roof repair services in the Lubbock, Texas area, turn to ACR Commercial Roofing. Call us today at (806) 669-7777.

Industrial Commercial Roofers Lubbock TX

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Does your facility have roof leaks or other roofing-related troubles? Finding reputable industrial or commercial roofers with the right solution for your needs can be difficult. Any roofing project is a serious capital expenditure. Plus it comes with its own challenges, including a project completion timetable, the possibility for business disruptions, and jobsite liabilities.

When you’re looking for a professional commercial roofer for your needs, the first step is asking the right questions. At ACR Commercial Roofing, we’ll be glad to discuss what we offer as a professional commercial roofing company, and how we can solve your problems. To discuss your specific needs and how we can be of service, call us at 806.712.7162.

Finding the Right Industrial Commercial Roofers

Roofing project procurement and management is a challenging task. Here’s a solid checklist to consider for initial factors to cover with any prospective roofing vendor:

On-Site Estimates

• How many years of experience does the contractor have?
• How long has their company been in business?
• Can they produce some testimonials from customers?
• What sort of solutions do they offer?
• Have they been through applicator training for what they’re offering?
• Are they a recognized applicator for their preferred manufacturer(s)?
• What warranty options are being offered? What are the warranty terms?
• Do they meet insurance & safety requirements for your project needs?
• What sort of measures will they take to minimize disruptions? To complete the project on time?

These are just a few variables to get answers for. ACR Commercial Roofing has a 20+ year background in the industry, and we specialize in complete solutions for all needs. To request an on-site roofing analysis by a company technician, call us today at 806.712.8162.

Local Industrial Commercial Roofing Contractor


As a full-service contractor, ACR Commercial Roofing has 20+ years’ roofing industry experience. Strong roofing knowledge, durable solutions, skilled applicators, and professional, attentive service are just a few ways ACR stands out. We can evaluate a roof’s needs and offer effective options for many types of roofing including:

• Metal
• Built-up
• Modified bitumen
• And others

When your roof has troubles, call us! Or you require a new quality roofing system or renewed protection for your facility, let us know. It would be our pleasure to discuss how we can solve your issues.

Don’t hesitate! Call us today at 806.712.8162. Our team looks forward to assisting you!