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Quick Company Profile

ACR Commercial Roofing is a family-owned business that installs, restores, maintains, and offers re-roofing solutions for commercial properties. We have over 20 years of experience serving the Texas Panhandle with customer service at our forefront, and we care about our team members as much as we care about our customers. We have a unique set of values designed to enhance the ACR experience, from giving our customers a world-class experience to creating wealth and providing benefits for our team members.  And every step toward these goals begins with each one of us. Together, we are the top-side solutions that crush industry standards.

Opportunity information

We win together! ACR Commercial Roofing’s team members’ quality of life and personal growth is directly tied to the accelerated success of our organization. By understanding this concept, our commitment to our team is to continually promote a culture of education, growth, professionalism, and opportunity.

At ACR Commercial Roofing, we understand when our team members are encouraged to grow and excel, great things happen. It creates a heightened landscape of opportunity and excellence for our company, our employees, our clients, and our communities.

Our incentive-driven compensation, safety, and education programs provide our team with the tools to realize your personal career dreams. In addition to competitive wages, our team receives additional benefits which grow with their contribution to the entire team’s success.

Subcontractor Defense Solutions – Insurance Protection for those on the front lines

ACR is consistently pushing to raise the standard and provide value to our partners. If you are a subcontractor who needs, but has stayed on the sidelines of Insurance Protection, visit our Subcontractor Defense Solutions Page to learn how we’re helping those on the front lines protect themselves, gain more jobs and win more often!

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Apply online or call us today at 1-844-358 ROOF (7663) to learn more!