Commercial Roofing Contractors – Canyon, TX

When you need a commercial roofing contractor you can trust in Canyon, TX, call on the experts at ACR Commercial Roofing. With a service record dating back 20 years, we’ve seen what it takes to keep roofs alive in our climate and we’ll make sure your roof can get what it needs to last! Professional commercial roofing contractors should be able to handle anything your roof might need and we are proud to say we can, our roofers are trained on all types of commercial roofing systems and will get your roof the specific care it needs to ensure it can keep your building protected for the long term. If you have questions, we have answers, give us a call at (806) 669 – 7777.

Know Who You Hire

Commercial roofing contractors aren’t a hard thing to come by in the area. But knowing you have a professional and trustworthy commercial roofing contractor is where it can get tricky. When you need help with your commercial roof, know what to look for when hiring someone to help. At ACR Commercial Roofing, we provide the community with a complete list of commercial roofing services and solutions and are proud to be your one-stop shop for all things roofing. For more than 20 years, we’ve been the team to call and we have worked hard to build our great reputation. With a team full of licensed and trained professional roofers, we bring the knowledge and expertise needed to every roof and job we work on. Experience, honesty, and dependability are just a few key qualities to look for when hiring a commercial roofing contractor, and at ACR Commercial Roofing, we’re proud to bring these and more to our customers!

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For worry free commercial roofing services, trust your roof in Canyon, TX to the commercial roofing contractors your neighbors continue to rely on. At ACR Commercial Roofing, we bring an extensive list of services, repairs, solutions, and more and will make sure your roof is fit to last after we’ve worked on it! We’re here to help you get a long, successful life from your roof and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you! Reach out today at (806) 669 – 7777.

Flat Roof Replacement Lubbock, TX

Flat roof replacement lubbock tx

Do you need professional flat roof replacement services in Lubbock, Texas? ACR Commercial Roofing can help.  Our commercial roofing company offers expert roofing knowledge, superior roofing work, and quality service. We are licensed & insured for your peace of mind!

Give us a call today at 806.794.8539 to request an on-site estimate. One of our qualified associates will evaluate your roof’s condition and determine what its unique needs are. It would be our pleasure to avail you of your project requirements and possible solutions.

Flat Roof Replacement Services

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There are a few influential factors which can lead to bigger problems:

• Accumulation of ponding water
• Entrapped moisture within membrane
• Extensive sun damage
• Accelerated aging & weathering
• Roof uplift or bubbles

Flat roofs are a common choice for buildings on account of their architectural and cost-efficient benefits. But when a flat roof has these issues, it needs proper care taking as soon as possible. Otherwise what may be small issues can lead to complete roof failure. Whether you need smaller scale re-roofing or a complete flat roof replacement, we can help!

Lubbock Flat Roof Replacement

Flat roof replacement lubbock texas

Over the years, we’ve helped 10,000+ residential & commercial clients. Here is some of what we offer:

• 20+ years construction expertise
• Excellent project management
• Skilled craftsmen & technicians
• Complete services for maximizing your investment
• Quality customer service

Our roofing specialists will complete your project in a timely manner while posing minimal disruption. If you have any specialized flat roof replacement demands and need a reputable contractor, call us!

Flat Roof Replacement Solutions

Flat roof replacement in lubbock tx

ACR Commercial Roofing offers replacement solutions for:

• Small to large re-roofing projects
• Disaster recovery or restoration
• Property renovations
• Emergency repair demands

If it’s viable, ACR Commercial Roofers may be able to offer a cost-efficient option in a coating restoration system. It’s a process which rejuvenates a roof and makes it look and perform like it is brand new. A coating restoration system will also waterproof the entirety of your roof. If we believe this is a good choice for your roof, we will make sure you know your options!

Flat Roof Replacement Estimates

Flat roof replacement service lubbock tx

If you need flat roof replacement services, call ACR Commercial Roofing. We’d be glad to help you with your project demands. We pledge your satisfaction and will work with you to ensure a timely, efficient process.

Don’t hesitate! Call us at 806.794.8539 if you’d like to request a free, on-site estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

Flat Roof Replacement Canyon, TX

When your commercial building needs a new flat roof, it’s more important than ever to hire the right team for the job. With a team that is inexperienced installing flat roofs, you could be dealing with years of costly roof issues. ACR Commercial Roofing helps the people of Canyon, TX with all sorts of first class commercial roofing services. To get a free estimate on a flat roof replacement, reach out to us today at (806) 669–7777.

Why ACR Commercial Roofing?

There are plenty of commercial roofing companies in Texas. However, there are only a handful that can compete with the prices, craftsmanship, and customer service of ACR Commercial Roofing. With over 20 years of service records, ACR Commercial Roofing is a company that you can count on whenever you need expert roofing assistance.

Roof Coatings

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ACR Commercial Roofing uses roof coatings to restore flat roof systems. A roof coating covers the surface of a flat roof and provides a seamless watertight layer. This layer will prevent your roof from leaking for years. Our roof coatings are also quite reflective, leading to significant savings on energy costs.

Expert Roof Installation

The quality of the roofers that install a roof play a major role in how long that roof lasts. Of course, follow up maintenance and regular roof inspections are still needed. However, with ACR Commercial Roofing installing your new flat roof, you can rest assured that the job will get done the right way.

Our experienced team of roofing specialists are used to working with several different types of flat roofs. Flat roofs are quite different than other common kinds of commercial roofs. ACR Commercial Roofing specializes in commercial roofing and has taken on a variety of flat roof projects over the years.

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The team at ACR Commercial Roofing is ready to help more clients in Canyon, TX. If your flat roof has seen better days, we’ll give you a free quote on a flat roof replacement. To learn more about our commercial roofing services, give us a call today at (806) 669–7777. We’ll be by soon after to take a look at your roof’s condition.

Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Roof inspection lubbock tx

Professional roof inspections are valuable in many ways. They offer much more than just identifying places of damage when a roof has trouble. In fact, an ongoing roof inspection program can greatly aid in containing roofing expenses. Routine inspections and preventative roof maintenance will help address existing issues, find areas of concern, and keep future issues at bay.

ACR Commercial Roofing, a dedicated division of Ammons Roofing, a company with a 20+ year record, is ready to assist you. Our company will provide you with the roof inspection services you require in Lubbock, TX! We have 20+ years of experience under our belt and over that time, we have helped 10,000+ residential and commercial clients with their roofing needs. Our licensed, professional roof inspectors can locate any areas of concern on your roof and head off the damage before it becomes extensive.

Give us a call at 806.794.8539 for more information. We offer ongoing roof inspection programs as well as careful, on-site evaluations if your roof has trouble.

Value of Roof Inspection

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Overall, comprehensive, ongoing roof inspections assist you in maximizing your investment. A commercial roof is an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars. To derive this full value, the roof needs to last for its entire life expectancy. Studies confirm roof neglect – or not having routine inspections & maintenance done on your roof – can make a roof last for only one-third to one-half its expected lifespan.

If you need timely, comprehensive roof inspections done, call us! We serve Lubbock, Texas as many other cities & towns in West Texas & the High Plains Region.

Roof Inspection Services

Roof inspection lubbock texas

In our inspection services, some of the problems we look for include:

  • Roof tears & peels
  • Accumulated debris
  • Condition of skylights
  • Roof cracks
  • UV damage
  • Any uplifts from strong wind activity
  • Entrapped moisture or visible leaks
  • Pooling water
  • Compromised roof flashing
  • Growing vegetation on roof

ACR Commercial Roofing is a top choice for professional roof inspection, roof repairs, and roof maintenance in Lubbock, Texas. It is our goal to provide you with effective, cost-efficient preventative roofing services so you can enjoy trouble-free protection.

Commercial Roof Inspection Lubbock, TX

Commercial roof inspection lubbock tx

ACR Commercial Roofing can help with roof inspection needs on all types of industrial & commercial roofing:

• Modified bitumen
• Built-up roofing
• Metal
• Concrete
• Spray foam roofing
• EPDM rubber
• And more!

If you have a roof in need in the Lubbock, TX area, reach out to us today at (806) 794 – 8539 and we will make sure you can trust in your roof once again!

Call us today at 806.794.8539 for more information. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

Roof Inspection – Canyon, TX

Preventative roof maintenance has proven to help lengthen the life of commercial roofs throughout the country. Most commercial roofing companies start each job with a thorough roof inspection, and this helps to make sure your roof can get the preventative maintenance it needs. ACR Commercial Roofing delivers complete roof inspections in Canyon, TX and the surrounding areas and our professional roofers will make sure no issues go unfound. Once your roof has been inspected, we’ll be happy to make sure you’re well informed on our fully customizable roof maintenance plans that will keep your roof in great shape all year long. With affordability that allows you to be in control, these plans are great for your roofing budget! Reach out today at (806) 669 – 7777.

Timing Matters

Having your roof inspected at the right times is important to make sure your roof can always get what it needs in order to protect your building properly. At ACR Commercial Roofing, we follow the industry recommendations and let our customers know it’s ideal to have your roof inspected at least twice each year. Typically, after winter and summer as they are usually the hardest seasons on your roof. It’s also important to have your roof inspected after any major storm or weather event to make sure your roof hasn’t been compromised.

When you have regular inspections performed on your roof, it will allow our team of professional roofers to get your roof any needed repairs or services at the best times. When problems are found and repaired early on, damage can be kept to a minimum which is best for your roof, building, and budget! This also means restorative services like roof coatings can be done to enhance your roof and extend its life! We work hard to keep your roof in the best condition possible so that you can always be certain it’s getting the job done right! With spring coming quickly, it’s not too late to call our team today to get your roof scheduled for inspection!

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Don’t let a needed roof inspection stress you out! Call the professionals at ACR Commercial Roofing and we’ll make sure one of our technicians gets out to your building quickly. We’ve been serving the community of Canyon, TX for more than two decades and we look forward to helping you get your roof what it needs! Call today at (806) 669 – 7777.